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Team Olwg

Rosie and Tony founded Olwg in the summer of 2020.  Between us we have a broad industrial chemical engineering, development planning and project management background. However we also have specific interests in taking and sharing photos, visual design, modern analytics and presenting simple solutions to complex problems.  The renaissance in creative relatable engineering, evidence-based decision-making and visualisation of complex systems is upon us!

After reconnecting with Simon we have developed a strong working relationship specialising in integrating technical and commercial disciplines to explore optimal development lifecycles.  Simon officially joined the team in January 2021 in the role of Commercial Director - Energy. 

For now we are small but dedicated team focused on making tangible differences.    We hope to expand and scale-up when the time is right, and are looking to collaborate on and support clean energy projects.

Tony Griffiths Olwg Technical Director

Tony Griffiths

 Technical Director

Tony has a broad global background in process engineering. Tony enjoys problem framing and collaborative working and being challenged to find simple solutions to complex problems.  

Tony is a chartered Chemical Engineer and has recently completed a MSc with distinction in Operational Research from the University of Strathclyde.


Meera Al Omrani

 Data Scientist

Meera is curious about the implications of data scientific techniques in real-world scenarios and how these can be utilised to improve the lives of individuals and tackle global problems. More specifically, how tools can be selected to draw information out of data and indeed inform decisions for a more sustainable world. 

Meera holds a BSc in Mathematics coupled with a MScR in Computational Neuroscience, which have provided her with an intuitive understanding of how theoretical concepts can be adopted to breakdown and understand novel datasets.

Dr Simon Stromberg Olwg Commercial Director

Dr. Simon Stromberg

 Commercial Director

Simon is an experienced leader in the energy industry.  He has a strong technical background with the ability to integrate multiple disciplines to deliver projects. 

Simon is currently studying for an MSc in Energy Policy at the University of Sussex. 

Rosie Griffiths Olwg Creative Director

Rosie Griffiths

 Creative Director

Rosie's combined qualifications in Chemical Engineering and Information systems led her to gain experience creating spreadsheet based modelling systems. 

At Olwg Rosie is focused on making sure our message is communicated efficiently and the technical information we offer is easily understood by all. 

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As we grow we will be looking for like minded people to be part of our team. 

Opportunities at Olwg will be posted here and on our LinkedIn page as they arise. 

Contact Us for more information.

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