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Clean Energy
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Olwg how we work

We are developing prototype 'shortcut' low carbon energy concept screening tools. The aim of these (and the customer problems we're trying to solve) have been developed based on years of experience.   These tools enable us to provide quick, cost effective concept exploration and screening service to aid in quick investment decisions.

The infographic below summarises how the elements of a project flow and are linked together:

Using our unique tools we can quickly assess and evaluate a number of clean energy concepts to determine which option is the best solution in terms of economics and sustainability for your project.

Our screening tools are still prototypes and are currently free to try via the Insyn Platform.



Insyn is an unbiased community-based ‘one-stop-shop’  for energy professionals and decision-makers, created and managed by olwg. The emphasis is on making available a growing range of fit-for-purpose, accessible and interactive tools- and on growing a ‘community of practice’ of users and collaborators.

Insyn and its content is an antidote to lengthy and costly static reports and massive spreadsheets – and is designed to run on any operating system and screen format.

The platform released in September 2021 is demonstration prototype which includes a community forum; samples of curated data and policy information; bespoke simple calculators and web applications; and open source mapping and live data resources.


Energy Project 

We also offer a variety of value-adding services to support energy engineering projects. From the initial stages for concept screening and selection to project planning and assurance.  We are natural-born collaborators.  We use a team working approach to provide quick, cost effective solutions delivered in a way that is easily understood by all decision makers.

We have a  deep and broad industrial heritage with more than 20 years' global experience in upstream oil and gas developments covering:

  • Traditional chemical and process engineering.

  • Development planning.

  • Project management.

  • Process operations optimisation.

  • Modern operational techniques.

Our background and knowledge of traditional engineering projects and operations is the foundation we use to approach all energy-related project problems. 

We have the capability to look at solutions to many decarbonisation challenges, big or small, complex or simple, technical or organisational.  We have the knowledge and experience to help at any stage of the project.    

Contact us to see how we can help you with your energy project.