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At Olwg we offer:

in-vis nuclear created by Olwg
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Interactive visualisation of relationships, trends, groupings and comparisons of technologies and developments.


Features include:

  • Geospatial heat maps and clustering of emissions and project capacity

  • Flexible filtering by Regions, min. emission size, clusters, industry sectors

  • Interactive cross-filtering by relationship

  • Special visuals such as Development Pipeline, Sankey Charts etc. 

Hosted on the Insyn Platform.  in-vis subscription required. 

_28-04-22 Insyn CC Readiness.png

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required.

CO2 Heat Map.png
in-vis nuclear

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required.

03-03-22 Insyn Nuclear Power BI.png

Development lifecycle ‘flight simulators’ for predicting outcomes of projects under different circumstances, showing:

  • Discounted economic Indicators

  • Energy efficiency

  • Discounted carbon Indicators (in development)

Features include:

  • Selection of technologies, datasets

  • Unit conversion (rates, costs)

  • Option for modelling risked / probabilistic range

Hosted on the Insyn Platform.  in-sim subscription required. 

27-04-22 Insyn Solar PV Generation.png

Created by Olwg.  in-sim subscription required.

Olwg Web Solar App.png
_27-04-22 InsynHydrogen.png

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required.

H2 Lifecycle.png

A broad range of insight calculators to give a quick understanding of unfamiliar technologies or system topics, including:

  • Energy Unit Converter

  • EV Charging

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Wind Turbine

  • Marine Turbines

  • Hydrogen

  • Forests 

Hosted on the Insyn Platform.  in-sim subscription required. 

Gas grid blend.png
27-07-22 Gas Grid.png

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required.

This simple calculation returns the calorific (heat) value, carbon intensity and Wobbe Index of a notional gas grid blend - at different contributions of hydrogen and propane gas.

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27-04-22 Insyn in-calc (2).png
Carbon Capture.png
27-04-22 CCUS Cost.png

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required.

Summarises project and unit costs of producing hydrogen from large reformer plants, with and without CO2 capture (‘blue’ and ‘grey’).

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27-04-22 Insyn in-calc (2).png
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In addition to interactive energy data visualisations tools and decision making applications we also offer a  general clean energy advisory services.  

However you won't get a long boring report from us that will just gather dust on your desk without being read, rather we will help answer  your clean energy and energy transition questions by creating bespoke interactive tools specific to your project to help you make the important decisions more quickly.

Instead we offer more traditional energy advisory services using modern operational techniques and our bespoke applications ti help get make important decisions more quickly.  Advisory services focus on:

  • Problem Structuring

  • Risked Project Lifecycles

  • Technology & Engineering

Contact us to discuss how we can assist your clean energy project. 

Olwg Application Development

Bespoke clean energy project application development

Olwg Project Framing Screening Assurance

Project development, screening and assurance

Olwg Technical Support

Follow on technical support for use and maintenance of Olwg applications

Olwg Data Analystics

Data aggregation, mapping, visualisation and insights

Olwg Energy and Advisory Sericves

General energy and carbon advisory services

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