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The Story of how the fermenter got its name

Last week we got an update and a nice pic on something exciting from Bragdy Cybi , showing us that the sign was now on the new fermenter - it looked great!

New Fermenter at Bragdy Cybi

We first came across this small new brewery in Holyhead's William Street last summer whilst hunting out family haircuts between lockdowns. I popped into the shop to see what was going on, and came out with some of their lovely craft beers to drink at home and/or down the beach. Well they didn't last very long.

Bethan + Dan's story of taking a risk on setting up something new + unique following redundancy (as well as the general theme of drinking beer) resonated with me, and I wished them all the best with getting through the rest of 2020.

Then - at the start of this year - the brewery set up their Crowdfunder to expand their operation from new larger premises, and I was keen to see how we could help. There were various funding levels with increasing levels of rewards, and I couldn't resist the chance to grab one of two 'name the fermenter' slots. When Bragdy Cybi met their funding target, it later came time to name the fermenter - and after much deliberation I settled for the name Olwg Braf - which if my Welsh serves me right (?) roughly translates as 'Lovely View' / 'Nice Sight'. It was nice to be able to sneak in our Company name in there (but not in too obvious a way), and I felt a connection with the brewery's approach, style and core mission that I wanted to support.

Can't wait to sample the fruits of this new fermenter (henceforth known as Olwg Braf) over the coming months, and I'd recommend anyone visiting Holyhead to go pay them a visit.

Iechyd Da!

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