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Omer joins team Olwg!

We are delighted to welcome Omer Ogutcen to Olwg.

Omer Ogustcen Joins Olwg

Omer is an accomplished engineer with a burning passion for data science. He joins Olwg in the role of Senior Data Scientist to continue to drive the development of our energy transition tools and applications.

"I’m excited to announce that I joined a futuristic energy solution company, Olwg in the new year as Senior Data Scientist. My life passion comes from contributing to human life. So, I am enthusiastic to get an opportunity to use advanced data science skills to contribute sustainability of the environment. Thrilling me to have responsibility for the development of a novel platform on sustainable energy solutions." - Omer Jan 2022

We're excited to see have Omer join the team and see how his enthusiasm and creative thinking will shape the future of Olwg.

Welcome Omer!

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