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Olwg Welcomes Dipannita

We are delighted to announce that Dipannita Mohanty has joined team Olwg in the role of Data Scientist.

Dipannita joins us fresh from completing a Masters in Data Science. Prior to her studies Diopannia worked in Data Science and Application development in SAP Banking -Financial services. She has a strong background in mathematics and an ability to execute data-driven solutions to increase efficiency, accuracy, and utility of internal data processing.

"None of us, including me can ever do great things alone. But we can do small things together with love and dedication to achieve something big and unique. I’m excited to be a part of Olwg where we can work towards something great and beautiful. As the saying goes ‘Data is the new oil’ lets use it sensibly and make life easy."

We look forward to working with Dipannita, her fresh perspective to problem solving to continue developing our in-vis industry analytic visualisation product line.

Welcome Dipannita!

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