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Olwg and MapStand Announce New Working Partnership

A new collaboration delivering unparalleled insights to customers in an ever-changing landscape.

Olwg, a specialist in building web apps supporting businesses with energy transition and making low carbon developments easier to understand have teamed up with MapStand, a specialist global data provider.

Together they will deliver customised applications for energy transition projects and mapping tools based on detailed hydrogen and carbon capture development datasets efficiently and cost effectively.

Olwg Carbon Emission Mapping Visualisation Using MapStand Dataset

The Benefits of Working With Olwg & MapStand

MapStand has the data, Olwg the analytics and application development capability. Combining the skillsets of the two companies allows for better understanding of energy transition and the efficient delivery of projects.

Olwg MapStand Partnership Benefits
“I am delighted to be working with Olwg to bring intuitive analytics and insights to a wide range of customers across energy. Olwg agile approach puts the customer first, delivering bespoke solutions that bring our global datasets to life and enable new insights to support decision making in CCS, H2 and Renewable Energy” Francis Cram, CEO MapStand

What does the Collaboration Deliver?


High speed development of interactive integrated energy maps enabled by existing templates and integrating a mix of datasets with the following features:

  • Aerial imagery

  • Custom filters & sliders

  • Supply & transmission infrastructure

  • Measuring tools

  • 3D topography, route elevation & slopes

  • Heat maps & clustering for supply & demand

  • Call outs for site or shape attributes

  • Possible mapping of supply chain capabilities

Olwg Carbon Emission Mapping Visualisation Using MapStand Datasets


Power BI analytics dashboards based on same datasets as the maps can be offered with the following features:

  • Filterable summary charts & metrics

  • Relationships between variables

  • Waterfall & creaming curves

  • Project maturation pipeline

  • Sankey diagrams showing source to sink

“MapStand is a snug fit with our culture and purpose – and co-creating with MapStand will allow us to offer next-level global location intelligence and high-velocity agile deployment. I can’t wait for us to build our first integrated visualisation apps together!” Tony Griffiths, CEO Olwg

Email;uk if you are interested in working with us or to find out more about the Olwg MapStand collaboration.

20-07-22 Olwg Mapstand
Download PDF • 2.01MB

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