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A night at the Greenhouse Investor event

On Feb 23, Emmanuel Kirunda represented Olwg at the Greenhouse Evening event at the Royal Institution, London. Greenhouse Evenings are events organised by the Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI).

According to the organisers, “The Greenhouse Evenings are an informal networking series to bring together early-stage investors and climate positive startups in The Greenhouse, our accelerator program within the new Centre for Climate Change Innovation.”

It was great to meet some colleagues from the initial Greenhouse programme, our fellow Cohort 1 companies like Treeconomy, Dodo, Nurisol, Hopes, Nanomox, etc and a few Cohort 2 companies (Angry Monk, Lifya, etc). But the real reason for the evening was for us to meet early stage investors ang angle investors, and indeed it was quite interesting listening to all the different cool ways investors look at opportunities in their early stages.

The event started off with a few highlight speeches by Alyssa Gilbert (Interim Director CCCI), Prof Richard Templer (Director of Innovation at Grantham Institute ) and Naveed Chaudhry (Co-Founder and Heat of the Greenhouse programme). Thereafter we were asked to do something unusual but cool. While we mingled around the room, we had to give a ‘one sentence’ pitch from our locations, instead of the usual 5 to 10 min formal pitch in front of people. From where we were standing, with drinks and nibbles in hand, we each had to talk above everyone’s heads to give our one sentence pitch.

Emmanuel’s one sentence of fame was that “Olwg was founded to disrupt the Energy Transition project screening space by creating digital tools that enable quicker and more-affordable decision-making”.

Even if we were not specifically looking for investor funding, it was fun spending the rest of the night explain how our multi-sided platform ‘Insyn’ offers coherent and integrated decision-support tools to a community of practice. The next Greenhouse Evening will be in May, and we look forward to attending.

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