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An exiting new toolkit to engineer the energy transition. 

Self-service digital solutions for efficient, affordable decision making created by Olwg

Olwg Hydrogen Data Dashboard
Olwg Insight Calculator
Olwg Map Visulisation

Reinventing engineering data analysis

Olwg Map Visualisation

Olwg is a UK based clean energy data visualisation and application developer creating affordable web-based tools to allow quick decision-making aiding the energy transition challenge.  ​

Founded in 2020 by Rosie & Tony Griffiths Olwg delivers a modern approach to engineering by creating innovative self-serve digital tools to accelerate low carbon developments in a cost-effective manner for both public and private organisations. 

Insights & Tools you can trust

Interactive Digital Solutions

We develop web based visualisations, applications and  calculators based on sound engineering and economic principles that can replace long traditional project screening studies

Olwg Interactve Digital Solutions

Speed & Flexibility

Using our online tools, applications and calculators project decisions can be made in days rather than weeks or months with traditional engineering methods.

Our interactive products allow for a high level of flexibility and can be customised quickly to your specific project or problem.

Olwg Agile Working

Value for Money

Our digital products are designed to be affordable.  Using our tools, applications and calculators for project analysis and decision making could cost a fraction of the potential cost of a traditional engineering study.

Olwg Value for Money

Products & Services


Ol-vis analytics and visualisation by Olwg

Industry Analytics & Visualisations


Interactive visualisation of relationships, trends, groupings and comparisons of technologies and developments.


Features include:

  • Geospatial heat maps and clustering of emissions and project capacity

  • Flexible filtering by Regions, min. emission size, clusters, industry sectors

  • Interactive cross-filtering by relationship

  • Special visuals such as Development Pipeline, Sankey Charts etc

Currently UK CCS Capture Readiness and Nuclear capacity visualisation apps available.  More technologies coming soon. 

Requires subscription.  

Ol-vis analytics and visualisation by Olwg
Ol-sim Lifecycle Simulators by Olwg


Ol-sim Lifecycle Simulators by Olwg

Lifecycle Simulators


Development lifecycle ‘flight simulator’ for predicting outcomes of projects under different circumstances, showing:

  • Discounted economic Indicators

  • Energy efficiency

  • Discounted carbon Indicators (in development)

Features include:

  • Selection of technologies, datasets

  • Unit conversion (rates, costs)

  • Option for modelling risked / probabilistic ranges

  • Responsive to different + mobile screen formats


Currently only demo Hydrogen + Solar PV apps available for use.  More technologies coming soon.


Requires subscription.  

in-sim applications support traditional manhour-intensive processes



Ol-calc insight Calculators by Olwg

Insight Calculators


Intended to give a quick understanding of an unfamiliar technology or system topic. Examples include predictions for:

  • Blue & green hydrogen cost and impact

  • Gas Grid Blend quality and carbon intensity

  • Carbon capture & forestry project cost and impact

  • Direct air capture cost and impact

Requires subscription.  

in-calc applications give quick insights into energy transition technologies

Ol-calc insight Calculators by Olwg


The Crown Estate
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Drift Energy
Menter Mon
"Olwg have proved their ability not once but twice in providing fast insight into large datasets. At The Crown Estate I wanted to dig deeper into the mass of public domain data to understand where the UK’s carbon emissions really would come from and how they would reach potential carbon stores. Olwg asked the right questions to address our needs and delivered quickly as they promised. Great experience."

Adrian Topham - Senior Development Manager (CCUS)

" I tested out the Unit Converter (essential for innumerate geologists), as well as several of the Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Hydrolysis calculators.  Super easy to use and a smart look and feel.  I also really appreciated having the links to the plethora of external resources through the live data and mapping data portals.  I also found the Essential Reading section very useful and informative.  Well done Olwg!"

David Pickering - Geologist

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