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the clean energy decision bureau

Olwg is an application developer and advisory service making energy transition and low carbon developments quicker, more cost effective and easier to understand to all decision makers.

Insights & tools you can trust

01. Interactive Digital Solutions

We develop web based visualisations, applications and  calculators based on sound engineering and economic principles that can replace long traditional project screening studies.  

02. Quick and Flexible

Using our online tools, applications and calculators project decisions can be made in days rather than weeks or months with traditional engineering methods.

Our interactive products allow for a high level of flexibility and can be customised quickly to your specific project or problem.

03. Value for Money

Our digital products are designed to be affordable.  Using our tools, applications and calculators for project analysis and decision making could cost a fraction of the potential cost of a traditional engineering study. 

Insyn Created by Olwg

What does Olwg mean

and how do you say it?

Olwg is the Welsh word for sight or vision. 

When co-founders Tony & Rosie Griffiths started Olwg in June 2020 they had a joint vision of using their combined skills and knowledge gained over 20+ years global energy experience to aid energy transition projects to help create a more sustainable world for future generations. 


They also wanted to be energy industry disruptors in challenge how energy projects are traditionally done and to  improve efficiency and to make clean energy data accessible, more visually appealing and easy to understand for all decision makers. 

Olwg (Welsh)

Soft mutation of golwg


  • (cy-N) IPA: /ˈɔlʊɡ/​



golwg (masc.) (pl. golygon)

  • sight, vision

Products & Services


Industry Analytic Visualisations

in-vis industry analytics and visualisations created by Olwg


Project Lifecycle Simulators

in-sim lifecycle simulators created by Olwg


Insight Calculators

in-calc insight calculators created by Olwg

Advisory Services

General Clean Energy Advisory Services

Olwg Clean Energy Advisory Services
The Crown Estate
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Drift Energy
Menter Mon


"Olwg have proved their ability not once but twice in providing fast insight into large datasets. At The Crown Estate I wanted to dig deeper into the mass of public domain data to understand where the UK’s carbon emissions really would come from and how they would reach potential carbon stores. Olwg asked the right questions to address our needs and delivered quickly as they promised. Great experience."

Adrian Topham - Senior Development Manager (CCUS)

" I tested out the Unit Converter (essential for innumerate geologists), as well as several of the Carbon Capture and Hydrogen Hydrolysis calculators.  Super easy to use and a smart look and feel.  I also really appreciated having the links to the plethora of external resources through the live data and mapping data portals.  I also found the Essential Reading section very useful and informative.  Well done Olwg!"

David Pickering - Geologist

Case Studies

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