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Rosie and Tony founded Olwg in the summer of 2020. Between them they have a broad industrial chemical engineering, development planning and project management background. However they also have specific interests in taking and sharing photos, visual design, modern analytics and presenting simple solutions to complex problems.  The renaissance in creative relatable engineering, evidence-based decision-making and visualisation of complex systems is upon us!

After reconnecting with Simon, Rosie and Tony have developed a strong working relationship specialising in integrating technical and commercial disciplines to explore optimal development lifecycles.  Simon officially joined the team in January 2021 in the role of Commercial Director - Energy. 

For now Olwg is a small but dedicated team focused on making tangible differences.    We hope to expand and scale-up when the time is right, and are looking to collaborate on and support clean energy projects.

the olwg way

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Traditional Engineering methods can be a lengthy expensive process which doesn't always find the best solution to your problem. 

Our answer to this at Olwg has been to develop apps to explore optimal developmental solutions with urgency and uncertinty in mind to support quick investment decisions. 

At Olwg we can provide a service based on shortcut routines to automate:

  • Equipment sizing

  • Energy conversion

  • Utility consumption

Using publicly available or open source data inputs we examine input and output ranges on a risked distribution ('stochastic') basis.  This aids the understanding of the shape of the uncertainty.  

Our in-house model can quickly examine a broader range of competing concepts or sensitivities.  This helps us demonstrate to customers the 'correct' answer.  We use visual analytics to aid the understanding between parameters. 

We recognise that each 'problem' is unique.  From the outset we aim to explore all of the customers':

  • Goals and constraints - technical, economic or anything else.

  • Organisational an stakeholder context.

  • Previous work and lessons learned.

For each problem we strive to deliver a basic cost effective concept exploration and screening service within 1 week.

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team olwg

Tony Griffiths Olwg Technical Director

Tony Griffiths

 Technical Director

Tony has a broad global background in process engineering. Tony enjoys problem framing and collaborative working and being challenged to find simple solutions to complex problems.  

Tony is a chartered Chemical Engineer and has recently completed a MSc with distinction in Operational Research from the University of Strathclyde.


Meera Al Omrani

 Data Scientist

Meera is curious about the implications of data scientific techniques in real-world scenarios and how these can be utilised to improve the lives of individuals and tackle global problems. More specifically, how tools can be selected to draw information out of data and indeed inform decisions for a more sustainable world. 

Meera holds a BSc in Mathematics coupled with a MScR in Computational Neuroscience, which have provided her with an intuitive understanding of how theoretical concepts can be adopted to breakdown and understand novel datasets.

Dr Simon Stromberg Olwg Commercial Director

Dr. Simon Stromberg

 Commercial Director

Simon is an experienced leader in the energy industry.  He has a strong technical background with the ability to integrate multiple disciplines to deliver projects. 

Simon is currently studying for an MSc in Energy Policy at the University of Sussex. 


Maxim Musikhim

 Computer Scientist

Maxim has recently completed a BSc in Computer Science. 

He is  interested in the fields of sociology and natural sciences and looking for ways to incorporate that in his research and work. His goals is to use the growing amount of world data to achieve clear insights that will lead us to a brighter future.

Rosie Griffiths Olwg Creative Director

Rosie Griffiths

 Creative Director

Rosie's combined qualifications in Chemical Engineering and Information systems led her to gain experience creating spreadsheet based modelling systems. 

At Olwg Rosie is focused on making sure our message is communicated efficiently and the technical information we offer is easily understood by all. 


Jimmy Kassa

 Software Engineer

Research Intern

Jimmy Is a recent Computer Science graduate and is currently studying for a Masters in Software Engineering.  Jimmy joins us on a 6 month Research Internship funded and supported by the University of West London.

During his time at Olwg Jimmy will be supporting the technical team with the continued development of our prototype apps and exploring what possibilities are available to us to make them more attractive to our customers.

olwg Advisors


Henry Allen
Business Advisor

A graduate from the University of Edinburgh and post-graduate at the University of Strathclyde, Henry joined the oil and gas industry as a geologist in 1979, working for Britoil and BP. He left in 1990 and set up Production Geoscience Ltd, PGL, a subsurface consultancy and software development business which in 2007 became part of the Senergy Group. Henry carried a leading role at Group level, championing issues around, people, environment and community, as well as helping instigate Senergy’s Alternative Energy business. He believes business can only be at its most successful if it has a diverse demography, there is an exciting sense of purpose, and people are having fun and is keen to assist other growing businesses with the experience he has gained. 

A committed environmentalist, in the late 1990s Henry became interested in the magnitude of climate change and its likely impact on future society. He has since closely followed the global warming “debate” and the gathering political momentum across the world.


Henry has served on a wide variety of industry society and advisory committees as well as local community organisations.

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Paul Markwell
Business Advisor

Paul is an accomplished executive advisor, committed to helping energy companies transform in the energy transition through reducing emissions and digitalization.

He has extensive background in the global energy industry spanning technical, commercial and advisory roles in a wide mix of countries. He spent 18 years in upstream roles in Shell International and other oil & gas companies and 20 years in leadership roles in McKinsey and IHS Markit. He is an experienced Non-Executive director and is active in supporting low-carbon business start-ups. 


At Olwg Paul will be advising us on the market situation and how to develop our offerings, whilst helping us connect to potential customers and investors to aid our continued growth and development.

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Ian Donald
Business Advisor

Founder and ex CEO of Enpro Subsea, Ian was responsible for the company development and technology from conception through to commercialisation and subsequent acquisition by Hunting Plc. Enpro is a production optimisation specialist focused on delivering enhanced hydrocarbon production for customers through the patented range of products for flexible, cost effective subsea field development. Global early adopters in GOM, North Sea and West Africa. 

Prior to Enpro , he was Founder and Managing Director of DES Operations Ltd which produced the patented MARS. (Multiple Application Reinjection System) for enhancing oil production via pumping, metering, liquid intervention and sampling. With a great team and VC funding, grew company from initial patents, through development, deployment, and commercialisation with major operators then eventual acquisition by Cameron Slb a major oilfield service company. 

Ian has been engaged in the subsea and field development aspects of the offshore energy business for over 35 years fulfilling board, executive, technical and project management roles within the operator, major service companies and SME environments with demonstrable success.


Jane Wilson
PR Advisor

Jane is an experienced corporate reputation specialist. She has led integrated in-house teams as Communication Director at Global Media in London and was Head of Corporate Comms at Scottish Media Group in Glasgow.


At MHP, she has advised clients across the energy sector including Scottish Power and UK Power Networks, helping the latter campaign on the evolution of smart grids and the future of the power distribution network. Jane has worked with Radioactive Waste Management on its mission to secure a site for the permanent disposal of the UK’s high level radioactive waste and with CITB developing its leadership position on Net Zero targets for the construction industry.


Jane has extensive experience leading change programmes for clients including NATO, Sellafield Ltd and Baxalta Bioscience. She currently runs her own communications consultancy, is a visiting lecturer in Strategic Communications at University of Kingston Business School and is Vice Chair of the Scottish Youth Film Foundation.

olwg values


We are passionate about creating a sustainable world for future generations. 


We are opportunistic risk takers, we challenge convention. 


We care about what we do and who we do it with. 


We are optimists but remain grounded.


We are authentic and honest delivering unbiased solutions and ideas.


We are Olwg -

What you see is what you get. 

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