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Olwg is a Welsh word that means ‘Vision’. When co-founders Tony & Rosie Griffiths started the company in June 2020 they had a joint vision of creating a company that simplifies and democratises cleantech project decision-making. Following global careers spanning over 25 years in energy project developments, their motivation was the realisation that what determines the success or failure of projects is the timeliness of their implementation.

Olwg Purpose
Our Purpose

To enable quicker and affordable decision-making for energy transition projects.

Olwg Vision
Our Vision

To be industry disrupters in clean energy project screening.

Olwg Mission
Our Mission

To build a multi-sided platform that offers coherent and integrated decision-support tools to a community of practice.

The Olwg Advantage

​Climate change and energy transition are the most talked about global business trends in every sector of the world economy.​  However energy professionals and decision makers face many challenges:

  • Energy projects are taking too long to evaluate

  • Projects have poor early problem definition leading to recycle of concepts

  • Disjointed analysis (of economics, carbon impact) in the feasibility stage

  • Traditional engineering consultancies are costly

  • Vested industry interests may not be promoting the best technology or fuel pathways


Olwg's unique digital tools are designed to help do that quickly, easily and at a cost that is affordable.

Digital Innovations
Interactive Digital Solutions

Olwg is developing web based tools and calculators that can replace long traditional project screening studies. To date we have created 13 apps and calculators that can be accessed on all operating systems and screen formats (including mobile).

Value for Money
Value for Money

Our digital products are designed to be affordable. Using our tools and calculators for analysis could cost a fraction of the potential cost of a traditional engineering study.


Olwg’s business model is defined by the pace at which we develop our interactive products. We can customise an application in days to do work that could take weeks with traditional engineering methods. More importantly, our model allows for a high level of flexibility and customisation of solutions to meet customers needs at any time of development.

Collaboration & Self Service

Insyn, our energy community platform enables dynamic interactions between energy professionals and other parties on the same forum. Insyn also allows for self-service where users can integrate and customise their own project solutions.

Team Olwg

Olwg is a small but dedicated team with a collective focus on making a real difference in the energy transition sector.    ​

We hope to expand and scale-up when the time is right, creating sustainable jobs while giving opportunities to the next generation. We are always looking to collaborate on and support clean energy projects.

Tony Griffiths Olwg Technical Director

Technical Director

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Rafique Samdani Olwg Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

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Rosie Griffiths Olwg Creative Director

Creative Director

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Omer Ogutcen Olwg  Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

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Emmanuel Kirunda Olwg Commercial Director

Commercial Director

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Maxim Musikhin Olwg Computer Scientist

Computer Scientsit

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