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about Olwg

Olwg is a small but dedicated team with a collective focus on making a real difference in the energy transition sector.    ​

We hope to expand and scale-up when the time is right, creating sustainable jobs while giving opportunities to the next generation. We are always looking to collaborate on and support clean energy projects.

​Climate change and energy transition are the most talked about global business trends in every sector of the world economy.​  However energy professionals and decision makers face many challenges:

  • Energy projects are taking too long to evaluate

  • Projects have poor early problem definition leading to recycle of concepts

  • Disjointed analysis (of economics, carbon impact) in the feasibility stage

  • Traditional engineering consultancies are costly

  • Vested industry interests may not be promoting the best technology or fuel pathways


Olwg's unique digital tools are designed to help do that quickly, easily and at a cost that is affordable.

Olwg Purpose
Our Purpose

To enable quicker and affordable decision making for energy transition projects.

Olwg Vision
Our Vision

To be industry disruptors in clean energy project screening.

Olwg Mission
Our Mission

To create applications, visualisations and calculators to make clean energy project data more accessible and easier to understand for all decision makers.

Meet the Team

Tony Griffiths Olwg CEO and Technical Director

Tony Griffiths

CEO & Technical Director
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Tony Griffiths Olwg CEO Linked In
Emmanuel Kirunda Olwg COO and Commercial Director

Emmanuel Kirunda

COO & Commercial Director
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Emmanuel Kirunda Olwg COO Linked In
Rosie Griffiths Olwf CCO and Creative Director

Rosie Griffiths

CCO & Creative Director
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Rosie Griffiths Olwg CCO Linked In
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