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clean energy decision bureau

Helping clean energy investors and decision makers achieve their ambitions by getting to the right decisions quicker.  We are independent, industry disruptors, developing applications to find integrated solutions

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We are running out of time to rely simply on research and development solutions to meet our clean energy targets. Change needs to happen now and many of the solutions we need are already here.

But clean energy decision making can be complex and sometimes feel like to big a challenge for communities and local authorities to manage alone.

Traditional consultancy models are often inaccessible and do not always get you to the right answer.

A new model is needed for communities, local government, and clean energy investors.

This is the Olwg model.

We are a clean energy solution developer  that exists to democratise good decision making. We make the complex manageable with solutions that are simple and accessible.

Clean Energy Project Screening Tools

Which decision is best for your project? Our smart screening tools allows your to make the right decision quickly.

This is currently a free service but you need to log in to use.

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Energy Project

Advisory Service

We also offer a more traditional advisory service based on our vast and broad global engineering experience focusing on:

  • Problem Structuring

  • Risked Project Lifecycles

  • Technology & Engineering

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Technical Director

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Commercial Director

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Creative Director


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Software Engineer Research Intern

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