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developing unbiased screening tools to help you make smarter choices more quickly

to see how we can help you make better energy decisions 

Olwg | an abbreviation of the Welsh word 'golwg' which roughly translates in English to view or sight.

Olwg was established in 2020 on the realisation that if urgent action wasn't taken, there was only 8 more years of emissions left before the remaining carbon budget was used up.  'Shovel ready' solutions with high 'technology readiness' and viable business cases are the only ones that can be implemented in time. 

We have developed systems using high quality information combined with modern data analysis tools.  This will to equip all decision makers with the knowledge to deliver good projects on budget, on time avoiding blunders.

Our systems help deliver sustainable energy solutions to assist in the economic development of communities. We are particularly dedicated in finding truly sustainable cost effective solutions to under developed economies in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Clean Energy Project Screening Tool

Which decision is best for your project? Our smart screening tool allows your to make right decision quickly.

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Energy Project  Consulting 

We also offer a more traditional consultancy service based on our vast and broad global engineering experience.

Tony Griffiths Olwg Technical Director


Technical Director

Dr Simon Stromberg Olwg Commercial Director


Commercial Director

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Creative Director

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